May 18, 2018

Control4 Addresses These Problems

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Control4 is an essential system to include in your home. It can address many issues homeowners face. Control4 addresses many problems dealing with lighting, entertainment, security, devices, and energy. Control4 addresses homeowner problems in varying ways. It uses several communication tools in the process. These include Bluetooth, ZigBee, and others. The SDDPmakes it easy for recognizable devices to be found and controlled in your home. This SDDP system is recognized by several large corporations including Sony, Panasonic, and Dish Network. Control4 is a full home automation system and is simple for dealers to install.

Systems and Problems Helped by Control4


  1. You’re able to control cameras at points of entry inside or outside your home. This allows you to record any suspicious activity that may occur.
  2. Control what lights are on remotely when you’re not home. This can dissuade a burglary from taking place. Motion sensor lights are also controlled this way.
  3. Many home security systems are compatible with Control4.
  4. The system is also able to work with fire and carbon monoxide detectors. This eases the problem of worrying over your home while you’re away.
  5. Control4 even allows you to set which blinds stay open or closed.


  1. Control4 allows you to set the levels of your thermostat. This allows you to keep your home at adequate temperatures while you’re on vacation. You can also control them at home when you just can’t leave your comfortable chair.
  2. Most HVAC systems are compatible with Control4.
  3. Remote controls are available to be used to set any system in the home comfortably.


  1. Audio and video products are available through Control4 and can help ease the problems that come with using home entertainment systems.
  2. A/V products can also help customize what music you listen to and at what volume, whether you’re home or not. The systems by Control4 address setting problems with entertainment systems.


Gaming, Movies, Music, Recording, and Communication

Control Options

Touchscreen controllers, Mobile App, and User Interface

Flawless and Customizable Installation

  1. Installers of Control4 address the problems usually encountered when installing home automation systems. Parts come ready to install.
  2. The system’s pieces are installed individually.
  3. This allows Control4 to be added to over time and changed without rebuilding the system.

Client Support

The team at Control4 addresses the usual customer service problems by offering spectacular and personal client support. The company offers the following services to help you on your automation journey. Customers will feel fully educated during this process.

  1. Helpful video tutorials are posted on the Control4 website.
  2. The company offers planners and an idea gallery as well.
  3. Control4 will help you optimize these tools to match you with the exact dealer who’s right for you.

Support After Installation

  1. The system comes with a two-year warranty.
  2. Control4’s website provides tools to help new users learn how to control their systems effortlessly.
  3. Control4 has partnered with multiple companies. This allows ease of access and compatibility for their clients. Users can customize and add to their system with the help of customer support and tutorials.
  4. Dealers of Control4 are fully trained and capable of handling any repairs or additions you may need to make.

Control4 and How It Can Help You

This home automation software is easy to use and extremely customizable. You’ll find it’s simple to learn and install. Control4 makes it easy to control your home systems with a central user interface. Preferences and systems can be changed and updated at your convenience. You won’t need to worry about problems with security, sound, video, temperature, lights, locks, and fire any longer. Control4 will automate all these systems to be at your command. They can be controlled remotely or from the comfort of your recliner. It is also capable of controlling whole-house audio features. For these reasons and many others, Control4 is among the top choices in home automation.

Interested in Automation?

Discover How We Can Help You Transform Your Space

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