5 steps to a better outdoor entertainment space

July 12, 2022
Our outdoor living areas become an extension of our home, where we can entertain guests, relax with family, and enjoy the fresh air. Start here if you are looking to improve your outdoor entertainment space!
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Technology Pro, why you need one on your home building team!

June 6, 2022
Do you have a Technology Pro included on your luxury build?
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Top Smart Home Technology Trends in the Kitchen & Bath

March 1, 2022
With many of us spending more time at home, Kitchen and Bath automation have become a popular request!
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Why Being an HTA Certified Integrator matters!

February 2, 2022
Is your Smart Home Automation Company HTA Certified?
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New Location Downtown Fort Lauderdale

February 1, 2022
Smart Home Automation near Flagler Village, Fat Village, Las Olas, and Downtown Fort Lauderdale
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OLED, QLED, LCD, and Micro LED: What’s The Difference?

April 26, 2021
OLED, QLED, LCD, and Micro LED: What’s the difference?
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Intercom Anywhere

April 13, 2021
Intercom Anywhere: The Best Home Automation System
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Smart Shades. Instant Privacy by Lutron!

December 7, 2020
For those moments when you need privacy, simply use your app, voice or touch of your smart remote to close your blinds.
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Natural Lighting by Ketra!

September 23, 2020
Their full-spectrum, adjustable light mimics the sun, throughout the day and matches the color temperature of natural light!
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Home Automation in Fort Lauderdale

August 27, 2018
Here in Florida well specifically in the Fort Lauderdale area, Home Automation systems are very common.
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Different Home Automation Projects

July 18, 2018
Learn about the processes that make it easy for you to control various appliances at home using your tablet, smartphone, computer or remote.
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Lutron Automation is Lighting Your Way

May 30, 2018
The light bulb has come a long way. The classic light-bulb we all know and love has come of age and controlling it has now evolved beyond the simple flip of a switch.
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Control4 Addresses These Problems

May 18, 2018
Control4 is an essential system to include in your home and can address many issues homeowners face, from lighting and entertainment to security and energy.
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June 9, 2015
Control every aspect of your house from wherever you are, using your smartphone, tablet, PC, touch screen, remote or keypad.
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May 10, 2015
Savant lets you create a home that is uniquely yours. By offering total control in a single app we make it easy for your home to become an extension of yourself.
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May 8, 2015
Whether you are at home or at work, Lutron solutions provide convenient access to light control, creating a comfortable atmosphere to support your activities throughout the day.
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How much should my home technology system cost?

Many questions are asked when it comes to pricing and budget, we have a solution to guide all of our customers to ensure they are comfortable with quotes from us or any other home automation company!
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