April 13, 2021

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Traveling is one of the greatest and pleasing experiences one can get, especially if you have your own vacation house. But it becomes a headache when you have to get back to your home city, leaving your vacation property. You may worry about its' security and safety. For these reasons, some people have to give their house keys to a friend or family living at that place so that they can check their home now and then. But, of course, you need a better solution to this problem.

In this case, we, Illusive Automaton, recommend you opt for the latest home automation technology, such as Intercom Anywhere. It is best for people who want to control their house and its security without putting in too much effort. Read the article further to understand its features and benefits.

Features of Intercom Anywhere

Advanced Security

Intercom Anywhere is the best solution for people looking for excellent security and safety of their properties while they are away. This system allows you to check the house's surroundings and rooms remotely by a virtual view of the entire property. You will always know who is on your doorstep, no matter where you are. Once you check your guest from mobile, whether they are a delivery man who has come to keep the package or your friend who wanted to borrow something from you, you can remotely give access to them and open the lights for them to do their task.

After they leave, you can simply lock the house. The best part is, the advanced home security system is completely customizable to meet your specific security needs. You can set the system to open automatically when someone you want to let in rings your doorbell, such as your mother.

Distributed Audio

The primary reason why people ask Illusive Automation to install this home automation system is its ability to communicate. Yes, it’s true. The installed audio and video system in each room and on the doorbell allows you to communicate with the person in any part of your house. This is an excellent option for vacation homes, as you can tell people who ring your bell that you are away from home.

It also works best when you live in the house, as the touchscreen in different parts of your home, including the kitchen, shows the person standing outside your house. You can accept the bell to communicate or ignore to send them back.

Optimal Control

Have you given access to your family or friend to the house and wanted to call them?You can connect the house through your app to check. Not to mention, if anyone present in this smart home wanted to call you or anyone else but have forgotten their mobile somewhere, then don’t worry. They can simply call anyone from the touchscreens present on the walls or kitchen counter.

When you have a big house, you may have to walk long corridors to reach far rooms from your kitchen. But now, you don't need to spend your vacation running up and down on the stairs. All you need to do is to call everyone in your family for lunch with Intercom Anywhere's app. You can share the message, text, audio, or video with everyone without even leaving the kitchen.

Smart Doorbell

An advanced home system acts as the home's central nervous system, integrating different elements of your house to give you maximum control, access, and feasibility. For this reason, Intercom anywhere has designed and manufactured smart doorbells that offer you a list of options. These video doorbells deliver everything to you that you can imagine. You can check the door through the doorbell video anytime. It also allows you to use audio options to communicate with the person standing on your doorstep.

The most important thing is, it sends you a notification about your guest. If you set a customized option for your family or friends, it also sends you a notification when they arrive. For instance, it will notify you when your sister Sarah arrives at your house.

Smart and Classy Home Automation                  

This automation system offers you a home with high-end features. Not only this, the components that come with this system give a luxurious and classy appearance to your house. For instance, Control4 allows you to pick a doorbell that suits your house's finishes, style, and theme. You have plenty of options regarding the color, design, and shape.

Apart from this, the touch screens are seamlessly incorporated into your house, so they don't get too noticeable. You may also want to know that Intercom Anywhere also offers you upgraded versions of devices and software to help you enjoy the newer technologies.

Benefits of Intercom Anywhere

If you wonder why you need to opt for this advanced automation system, you must give a read to the benefits.

· Offers Convenience

It offers you the ability to control different elements of your house with your fingertips. This is the most convenient method for travelers leaving their vacation homes.

· Saves Time and Effort

Since you are living in a fast-paced world, you don’t have time to worry about your house. With the help of this system, you can save time and effort to fly all the way to your Florida vacation home or others only to check it.

· Saves Money

Yes, you may need to invest in home automation, but the spending is long-lasting. However, if you keep a couple of guards foryour house's security, you will need to pay them all year. Plus, you will not be able to check every space inside or outside your house, like you can do withIntercom Anywhere.

· Offers Flexibility and Access

You can personalize or customize this smart home technology according to your needs because of the wide range of features.In addition to it, you always have access to your house no matter in which country or city you are living.

Why Pick Illusive Automation?

This home automation technology needs highly expert professionals to install it properly. A wrong installation can make it worthless. Our team has the expertise to install Intercom Anywhere in your house as smoothly and seamlessly as possible. We can guide you about the best places to install different elements of this smart home technology.

Lastly, if you want to verify how this thing works and it will be suitable for your house, you can opt for a tour in ourIllusive Automaton Experience Center. You can see a live demo of IntercomAnywhere or our other products so that you can make the right decision for your house. Hence, with our help, you verify what you are getting even before investing in the technology.

Interested in Automation?

Discover How We Can Help You Transform Your Space

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