June 6, 2022

Technology Pro, why you need one on your home building team!

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When building your dream home, you want everything to be just perfect. That includes the technology! A Home Automation Pro on your home building team can save you money and time during your luxury build. At Illusive Automation we have Automation Pro's to ensure not only your current projects are installed for maximum performance but we also ensure any future plans or upgrades are planned as well! Here's what you need to know about adding a home automation professional to your home building team.

Home automation is growing in popularity, and for good reason. A home automation system can automate many of the tasks that are typically done manually - like turning lights off and on, adjusting the thermostat, monitoring security cameras, and more. In addition, home automation systems are becoming increasingly "SMART", meaning they can learn your habits and preferences over time and make adjustments accordingly.

A home automation professional can help you select and install the right home automation system for your needs. They can also advise you on how to integrate smart home technologies into your home in order to automate as many tasks as possible. In addition, a qualified home automation technician can provide ongoing support and maintenance for your system, ensuring that it always operates at peak efficiency.

Architect: ✓

Interior Designer: ✓

Landscape Designer: ✓

Lighting Designer: ✓

Technology Designer: ✓

If you're planning a luxury home build, then adding a home automation professional to your team is a wise choice.

How Illusive Automation & HTA Certified Technology Designers Can Help You

Source: Home Technology Association Blog

Here are some of the important items that our home technology pros can help you with before and during the build process:

  • Logistics - As integrators, we might take for granted that a TV mount can be very heavy and may need to have reinforced infrastructure to support it. HTA Certified integrators are adept at complex technology installations and communicate with designers to make sure teams are in lockstep for large and sophisticated technology installs.
  • Space Planning - How much space is needed for equipment? Where does it need to be? What needs to go in the wall and how deep? What are the electrical requirements? How should the equipment be cooled?
  • Televisions - What sizes are optimal for each room? How do I recess a bracket or get it tight against a wall? What are all the options to conceal a TV?
  • Music - What form factors can we use in each room and in the landscape? My client mentioned underwater speakers, is that a real thing? Can I have speakers that match the recessed lighting? My client wants desktop speakers everywhere, is there a better-looking option?
  • Home Theater - How big a screen do I need to plan for? How should I layout the seating risers? How deep a platform do I need to accommodate a reclining theater chair? Where does the video projector need to be placed? Do the walls need acoustic treatments and are they design friendly? How do I soundproof this room?
  • Wi-Fi / Internet - My client wants great Wi-Fi, so where do we need to place all the devices to make that happen? Can the clients have outdoor Wi-Fi? My client has Internet security concerns, how do we handle that? Walls are made of thick concrete, will a signal go through?
  • Telephone / Intercom - I need a beautiful front door intercom with a metal finish and camera, what are my options? What are the latest telephone options and colors? How does my client communicate with the front gate?
  • Security - Where do surveillance cameras need to be mounted? What are the styles to choose from? Where do burglar alarm keypads need to be? Can we just use an iPad? Where should I put security monitors?
  • Lighting control - How can I eliminate gangs of switches? What are all the keypad finish options? Can I control shades and skylights from the same keypad? Where do I need keypads? How much space do you need for lighting panels? Can you make the lighting's color temperature change throughout the day automatically? (Circadian rhythm / tuneable white / human-centric lighting)
Architeturra Sonora CUBE 400 Black Outdoor Speaker
  • House Control / Smart Home - Does your home control system work with our pool controller? HVAC System? Burglar alarm? Motorized shading? Door locks? How do we make this house easy to operate for my clients? Where do we need control points?
  • Budget - What is all of this going to cost? Can we value-engineer some of this?

Include a technology professional from us at Illusive Automation early in the design process. Establish scope, budget, and plan early for every technology device in your home. The end result will be markedly better, and you are more likely to love your home!

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Interested in Automation?

Discover How We Can Help You Transform Your Space

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