February 2, 2022

Why Being an HTA Certified Integrator matters!

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Why it is important to work with a HTA Certified Integrator for your residential or commercial projects!

Until now, the landscape of Home Tech Experts, Integrators, A/V guys, Installers, Technologists, or whatever you want to call them, has been rocky. Unlike medicine, law, or architecture, there exists no real qualification process to open a business and call oneself a “home technology integrator”. This low to no barrier of entry has resulted in countless sub-par technology experiences for consumers. This problem has plagued the home technology industry for decades. Everyone has suffered. Consumers own homes that they cannot operate, manufacturer's names are sullied, and qualified home technology firms are faced with an untrusting public.

The Home Technology Association (HTA) is changing that.

Historically, homeowners have chosen firms based on price or the personality of a salesperson. Sometimes the company was referred by a builder or architect. Typically, consumers have not done much due diligence on prospective technology installation firms, and the selection process has been confusing. This confusion has led to hiring the wrong company, bad system design, and bad technology implementation.

As industry insiders, we know how to evaluate a firm's capabilities to dramatically improve your odds of success. We want to help you hire not only a great firm, but also the right fit for your project. The company that did an amazing job on your cousin's 1,500 sq ft home may not be the right company to outfit your 10,000 sq. ft estate, and vice versa. We are dedicated to sharing data and expertise with homeowners and design/build professionals so that they can partner with a great company for their project.

Through a rigid set of more than 60 standards, we created a certification system that identifies and classifies the best home technology companies while weeding out the bad apples.

The certification system is built around three pillars:

1 - Technical Competency

We believe that only technically-skilled firms have the ability to deliver a great home technology experience. We certify only the firms with a stellar history of technical expertise.

2 - Aftercare Service

Technology is not perfect and is ever-changing. We believe homeowners need a responsive company to work with for ongoing customer service and support.

3 - Reputation

A strong track record of being fair and honest is vital. We believe every HTA Certified company should inspire trust and confidence.

The HTA aims for great home technology experiences delivered by skilled, trustworthy companies who deliver exceptional customer service.

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Interested in Automation?

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