December 7, 2020

Smart Shades. Instant Privacy by Lutron!

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Lutron Smart Shades

We may not have flying cars but you can still live in the future like the Jetsons. Many of you are probably familiar with Lutron lighting fixtures that can be operated right from your smartphone but fewer homeowners are familiar with smart shades by Lutron. Smart shades by Lutron are the future in the present time. The motorized shades are not only trendy but are great for saving energy and keeping your privacy. Just like most of Lutron’s products these shades can be operated with the Lutron app and are compatible with Google Assistant, Siri, HomeKit, and other notable smart home technologies. Let’s explore all the benefits of Lutron’s shades and see what all the buzz is about.


Reduces Energy Usage

The great thing about Lutron smart shades is they will save you money in the long run. The United States Department of Energy put out an interesting report that over 30% of a home’s heat is lost through its windows in the winter. The report went on to say that 76% of the heat that enters a home during hotter seasons enters through the windows. Lutron smart shades did a study of their own and found out their shades were able to keep heat in during the winter and even prevent 10-30% less cool air from escaping during the hotter seasons. This means if you have a large home you would save hundreds of dollars your first year of installing the smart shades!


Nothing but Convenient

We all at least once in our lives had a moment of frustration while opening or closing shades. Well, say goodbye to the days of uneven or jammed strings from shades. Lutron smart shades are operated by smart technology that can place shades at the exact place where you would like them.The shades also can be controlled by the convenience of your phone, remote, or wall switch. The Lutron app is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and GoogleAssistant smart speakers, smart thermostats from Carrier, Ecobee, Honeywell,Nest, and Apple HomeKit. With just one word your shades could open at a drop of a hat no strings attached literally! The app can also set up all the automatic control options you'd like. For instance, you can set up a daily schedule to automatically raise the shade to a certain height in the morning and automatically close the shades at night. You can set up "moods" that create an automated manual control operation for your shades, such as simply saying the word "movie" that drops the shades in the living room, or"morning" to raise the shades in the bedroom. You can also geo fence the shades to recognize your presence so it can automatically raise or lower the shades depending on your location. Lutron is also known for having the quietest motorized shades in the industry. So, you don’t have to worry about any obnoxious noises or screeches. The shades are made with heard-but-not-seen technology.


Increases the Value of Your Home or Business.

Lutron shades are not a here today but gone today kind of product. They are here to stay! If you would like to increase the value of your home and bring it up to date smart shades are the way to go. According to many appraisers implementing smart technology into your home will bring your house into the 21st century and will increase your home’s total value. In the future the question most millennials will ask realtors isn’t “does this house have a dishwasher?” but rather “does this home have smart home technology?”.Homeowners shouldn't just have all the fun bring smart shades into your business and impress your clients or customers right away.



Everyone likes to have their privacy and the makers of Lutron smart shades kept this in mind. Motorized shades can be easily closed or open at the touch of a button or by your voice. We never know what a day can bring whether it’s a random burst of excitement that leads to dancing, or an intimate moment that is unexpected. Let’s no longer ruin those moments by thoughts like “I wonder if my neighbors saw that”.

Along with being great for privacy smart shades are also good for security. If you're a person who goes on vacations or business trips and likes to keep the appearance that you haven’t left your house Lutron has you covered. Its app allows you to control your shades from other parts of the world.



Nobody wants a dull house. Your shades should match your house's extravagance. Lutron’s smart shades come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, fabrics, and colors. They also offer customized shades that are fit just for you. The exposed roller connected to the shades will complement any room and offer a modern look. If you rather not have an exposed roller Lutron also offers an in-wall roller that is hidden. Shades by Lutron can also offer customized opacity levels, so now you decide how much you would like to enter into your home. If you're not really into shades Lutron offers blinds too.


Free Cost Estimate and Demo

Not sure yet about Lutron’s smart shades well check it out in person. Illusive Automation is offering free demos to anyone interested in installing smart shades. In the demo, a representative of  Illusive Automation will thoroughly show future customers the ins and outs of the motorized shades. Experience first-hand what the hype is all about and visit Illusive Automation today.

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