September 23, 2020

Natural Lighting by Ketra!

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Natural Lighting by Ketra

It’s common knowledge that nowadays we spend most of our time indoors. Now that Covid-19 has plagued our nation our time indoors has increased exponentially. The EPA released an astonishing statistic that Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. This startling fact has some consequences. Here is why, our body is run by Circadian rhythms which are 24-hour cycles that are part of the body's internal clock but when we avoid natural sunlight this could affect our body’s Circadian rhythm resulting in altering our sleep schedule which ultimately leads to possible long-term health problems. Well, our friends over at Ketra realized this problem and came up with a solution called a Natural Lighting System. Ketra’s Natural Lighting System matches the sun’s cycle while automatically simulating the different times of the day. For instance, when you wake up in the morning your lights would be dim as if the sun was rising, in the afternoon your lights would be bright matching the sun’s brightness and during night your lights would turn dim again.


First thing’s first who is Ketra?

Ketra was bought by Lutron in 2018. Together The partnership of Lutron and Ketra resulted in a new software platform that connects Ketra light sources to Lutron controls. Ketra systems now offer remarkable features and is the industry's most advanced lighting for high-end homes. 

Ketra was originally founded in 2009 and has a notable reputation in the smart home automation system industry. Ketra has risen to prominence by being able to display colors throughout the RGBW spectrum. They not only display a wide range of colors but users are also able to control the room brightness by using a wall keypad or change the brightness directly from their phone! Ketra has state of the art technology along with a good track record from its customers. So, what’s so special about Ketra? They bring natural light into our workspaces and homes. Their full-spectrum, adjustable light mimics the sun, throughout the day and matches the color temperature of natural light. Ketra foresaw that people would be spending more time indoors, in front of computers and away from the sun, and realized our bodies aren’t receiving the stimulus they need to have proper health and rest. Ketra decided to change that by bringing Natural Light into homes and businesses. 

Benefits of Natural Indoor Lighting

Over the past century, electric lighting has become normal. The days of using a candle are long gone, humans have switched from natural circadian lighting to dull, artificial lighting. Many people live and work with fixed lighting and bright computer screens. As a result, most of us don’t receive the natural stimuli we need to have proper health. As a result of this problem, Ketra bulbs mimic daylight. LED lights made by Ketra can literally allow you to experience natural lighting without ever being outside. Whether you’re just trying to relax or you're busy working, you can brighten or dim the lights based on your activity. Ketra LEDs also have unique features that can provide colored lighting for entertaining. With a full spectrum of colors available from a single light source, you can create whatever mood you want without bringing in special light fixtures. So, that painting on the wall you want to make standout in the room, you can adjust the brightness of your lights to match its surroundings. Among the many benefits of natural lighting is that receiving exposure to natural lighting makes you feel more alert in the morning and afternoon and it allows you to be better prepared to sleep at night. It’s the same technique NASA uses to help astronauts get more rest. This isn’t the first-time natural lighting has been used. Hospitals were the first place to use circadian lighting to give patients a sense of night and day being most hospital rooms don’t have windows. Many doctors have been impressed by the quicker recovery times and shorter hospital stays of patients. Another benefit of natural lighting is the same gene that controls your body’s circadian rhythm is also connected with aging. When lighting is in sync to your body’s natural internal clock, this gene retains circadian control. Interrupting your natural sleep/wake schedule may delay your circadian rhythm, which could play a role in aging more rapidly. The question shouldn’t be why should I get natural lighting, the question should be why now get natural lighting?


IllusiveAutomation is now offering free demos to its customers

Okay, Ketra indoor lighting sounds good on paper, what does it look like in person. Illusive Automation is now offering a demo called the Illusive Automation Experience Center”. In this demo, future customers can see if natural lighting is something they would like to add to their home or business. In the demo, customers will be allowed to experience natural lighting using smart home automation technology. You should always test drive your car before you buy it, why not test natural lighting to see if it’s the right fit for you.

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