July 18, 2018

Different Home Automation Projects

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These are processes that make it easy for you to control various appliances at home using your tablet, smartphone, computer or remote. Most of these projects you can develop them at home as long as you are well equipped with knowledge on electronics or Electronics engineering Listed below are some of the home automation projects:

Automation by Android Application Remote Control

It uses an android Operating System on the tablet or smartphone and it is designed in such a way that it can be controlled remotely. The android application that you create will be the transmitter in the whole procedure. It transmits signals from the connected loads that is the receiver and back to your phone. The transmitter will send ON and OFF signals to the receiver through a wireless connection.

Automation Using Digital Control

This automation project controls home appliances by use of a land line connection at home. This proposed system can control any home appliance when one dials the correct number chosen for a certain command. You can dial using your home land line or any other landline from elsewhere. The digital signal will activate the ON and OFF switch for your appliances and therefore you can operate it from anywhere.

RF based automation

This project is aimed at designing a home automation system with an RF remote control and it is a simple RF technology project. Using wireless technology, loads can be switched on and off using a wireless technology. The remote is interfaced to the transmitter end and this is used to send on and off commands to the receiver that is the area of loads connection. On the remote, a particular switch will give a command to the loads on the receiver end hence controlling the necessary appliance.

Touch Screen based System

The control panel for this particular project is on touch screen. The touch screen panel is connected to the controller on the transmitter end and this sends an ON and OFF signal to the receiver. You can control an appliance wirelessly by touching a particular command on the touch screen. This project can also be made using a GSM modem connected to the control unit and control electronics by simply sending a text message.

IOT voice controlled automation

This project requires an android smartphone and it enables you to control you home appliances using your voice anywhere you go as long as you have your android phone with you. This project is easy and cheap to develop because you will use locally available materials to develop. To turn on and off a certain appliance in your home, you will be required to make a voice command on your smartphone and effectively control your particular appliance.

The home automation projects listed above are just a few of the many projects that have been invented and more projects are still underway. These projects are aimed at making work easier in our homes and more so embracing automation as a way of life.

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