May 30, 2018

Lutron Automation is Lighting Your Way

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The light bulb has come a long way. The classic light-bulb we all know and love has come of age and controlling it has now evolved beyond the simple flip of a switch. We’ve all been told by our parents, as kids, to stop playing with the light switch, and now the switch can be controlled from across the globe with a simple touch on your smartphone. This was unimaginable mere decades ago. The digital revolution has swept the world and changed our lives with such rapidity, that new ideas are having trouble keeping up. Lutron automation, however, has been leading the way in lighting and home automation. An innovative company with a rich history which spans several decades and has reached the pinnacle of technological home automation systems.

The Automation Revolution

Automation of home lighting, and also businesses and corporations, has become very popular and Lutron, with its incredible history, has been a leader in the automation industry and continues to forge a path into the future for all to follow. The company’s founder, Joel Spira, began his company with a simple dream and a keen knowledge in his field of interest; physics. With a similar interest in lighting and an ability to invent, the quintessential “Dimmer Switch” was launched into everyday life.

Today, technology has embraced the wave of home automation, and new applications are emerging almost daily. The brilliance of the Lutron technology, combined with classic and elegant design, is a world standard, and now you can have it in your own humble home. The seemingly “out of reach cost” is, and always has been a myth; a Lutron dealer can prove that to you very easily.
The amazing automation solutions available today may seem like luxury toys for the rich and famous, and nothing could be further from the truth. The very root of all of Lutron’s technology is the efficiency of energy. Saving money and energy has been at the heart of the company model from the very beginning, and their sole purpose is to save you cost.

About saving money

Electric service in the 1950’s was very young and very complex, and the need for cutting usage was born with the very electric grid itself. The electric grid also spawned a tidal wave of innovation and invention which continues to this day. The best and brightest (no pun) remain ahead of the pack, and they want to shed a little light (no pun) on what is available to you.
A Lutron Dealer will not only answer any questions you may have but could also put you on a path to utility savings you didn’t think were possible. That is what they are there for. Everyone needs to be as efficient as possible these days, and the staggering technology available at Lutron significantly improves your homes or company’s carbon footprint and keeps more of your hard earned money where it belongs; in your pocket.

Not only will they save you money in electricity, the brilliant shading solutions available for your windows and doors is extensive and very innovative. This is another largely overlooked area of energy consumption that can be controlled very easily.

Efficiency is the answer

Keeping your home or business warm in winter and cool in summer is a trick that mankind has been struggling with since the good ol’ cave days, and that such a simple thing like shades and blinds can do the job effectively, is just too good to be so. The proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes and installing the unbelievably high tech blinds and shades (also wireless and automated) can increase your home’s efficiency in measurable ways.

The key to home efficiency, and for all businesses large and small to be sure, is technology, and of course, best practices. There are so many ways to curb energy consumption, that contacting a professional may be the only way to consider all that’s out there. The best innovations and products naturally rise above all others and choosing high quality always wins out in the long run. Coupled with cutting-edge design and professional installation, permanent, long-lasting and indeed tremendously effective details can be added to your home. Such upgrades only add to any properties value, and that’s the name of the game after all. There’s simply no two ways about it.

The Lutron Automation solutions will pique your interest, and learning of all of their products and services will simply be worth your time. Home upkeep and cutting energy consumption is always job number one, and that it saves money is the icing on the cake. Avail yourself of what’s out there. These top-notch products are for everyone.

Interested in Automation?

Discover How We Can Help You Transform Your Space

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